Danielle Levy Real Estate Professional

Step 1: When you decide to sell with me

When you want to sell, you want to get as much value as you can for your home. So you need to consider the timing of the sale because it affects the value of your home. You never want to sell when its a buyers market, which is when too many homes are for sale and there are not enough buyers, prices tend to decrease because sellers are rushing to sell their home. Season is also something to think about as well because typically more homes are sold in the spring rather than the winter.

You can also enhance the value by improving the attractiveness of your home. There are several ways to do this and it all depends on the amount of financial resources that are available to you. You can renovate your house by repairing an area or just clean up the walls by repainting some walls in your home. I always say, when people come in to do showings, even removing as many paintings or pictures off the wall so the buyers can see the home with NO DISTRACTIONS! The more welcoming a home is, the more a buyer can imagine themselves making it their own home.

Home inspections are also something that you can do to prove the value of your home. Buyers will usually ask for a home inspection and their realtors will have that as a condition in their offer, so if you do it ahead of time it will impress them. It also will you give you the time to repair anything incase you need too!

Once this is all done, we can now put up a FOR SALE sign and market your property to a whole other level!

Step 2: Listing your Home

Once we are ready to list your home, we value your house with a set price , I will come to you with a bunch of comparable homes that sold in your area recently that are similar to yours! This way we can establish a price based on what other homes are selling for, if you have put in money for renovations and new appliances, this will automatically increase your value, so you would be able to ask for a higher price! I will then market your home through various social media outlets, websites and my secret real estate marketing plan! I will host open houses over the weekend and invite over 1000 agents to bring clients to see your home!

Step 3: Receive an Offer

Once we recieve an offer, even before our offer date, I will reach out to every agent who came to see the property with their clients to let them know, this usually should be done by every realtor because it gives other agents a chance to let their clients know that if they liked the home they can submit one themselves. Every offer you recieve will be different, each buyer has their own conditions. You can also counter or decline the offer at any time! During this process we would meet up and discuss the terms of each offer submitted and then you get to decide what you would like to do, I will give you my knowledagble advice and will always be honest and caring to your needs.

Step 4: Closing the deal!

There are always closing costs affiliated with the sale that need to be paid either by or on the closing date. It can include mortgage application fees, inspections, and lawyer fees. Once all of that is taken care of, which is a lot more simple then it sounds, you are finally moved in to your new home! I can recommend all my clients to great lawyers, home inspectors and mortgage agents that I have worked with for a very long time that are extremely reliable!